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      Cameroon Statistical Yearbook


The National Institute of Statistics of Cameroon is pleased to present the Statistical Yearbook of Cameroon. The Statistical Yearbook of Cameroon is a reference publication in the field of general statistical information in the economic and social fields. This book, which is designed as a working tool, allows readers to access the available statistical data without difficulty. 


PART ONE: TERRITORY AND CLIMATOLOGY: The first situates Cameroon in its physical setting and its institutional, administrative and judicial organization, and integrates some historical landmarks to better understand the evolution of Cameroon. 


    Chapter 1: Physical Framework           
    Chapter 2: Institutional, Administrative and Political Organization           
    Chapter 3: Climatology           

PART II: POPULATION AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS: The second part, in addition to socio-demographic data, housing, education and health, focuses on the living conditions of populations, poverty and employment in Cameroon. 

    Chapter 4: Characteristics of the Population                                          
    Chapter 5: Habitat and Living Conditions            
    Chapter 6: Education                                                                       
    Chapter 7: Health          
    Chapter 8: Employment and Income          
    Chapter 9: Protection, Work, Social and Insurance           
    Chapter 10: Justice            
    Chapter 11: Culture           
    Chapter 12: Youth, Sport and Recreation          
    Chapter 13: Security           

PART THREE: ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES: The third part traces the situation of the country's economy through the indicators and information produced by the administrations and bodies competent in the agricultural, forestry, commercial and industrial fields. The management of the economy is traced through national accounts and public finances.

    Chapter 14: Agriculture           
    Chapter 15: Livestock and fisheries          
    Chapter 16: Environment, Wildlife and Forestry                                   
    Chapter 17: Water and Energy          
    Chapter 18: Industries          
    Chapter 19: Household final consumer prices          
    Chapter 20: Transport          
    Chapter 21: Posts and Telecommunications          
    Chapter 22: Tourism                    
    Chapter 23: Public Finance          
    Chapter 24: Currency and credit         
    Chapter 25: National Accounts          

PART FOUR: CAMEROON IN THE WORLD: Part IV presents the characteristics of a few African countries and the rest of the world and compares Cameroon with these countries in order to better assess its level of development.

    Chapter 26: Balance of payments and external trade                           
    Chapter 27: Cameroon in the CEMAC zone          
    Chapter 28: Cameroon in the FRANC zone          
    Chapter 29: Cameroon in AFRICA          
    Chapter 30: Cameroon in the WORLD           
    Chapter 31: International Cooperation              
    Chapter 32: Diplomatic Card of Cameroon                  


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